What is Ace of Hates?

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What does your best friend, your wife, your kid love the most? Her cat? Her car? A peach? The beach?

What do you hate the most? Wednesdays? Drivers who don’t use turn signals? Injustice? Gum?

Ace of Hates™ is the all-ages game that tests how well you know your nearest and dearest: their deepest, most elemental passions; the things they just can’t stand; stuff about which they’re, like, meh. And it tests how well they know you.

Do you know how your friends and family really feel? Then you can win Ace of Hates, the game of mixed emotions.

* * *

Ace of Hates was invented on a family vacation by two game-loving couples: Dan Kois (me), Alia Smith, Emilie Smith, and Grahme Smith. We loved playing it with a group of adults and a bottle of wine, and then Alia and I loved playing it with our kids (and glasses of milk). I discussed the game (at 43:30) on Slate‘s parenting podcast, Mom and Dad Are Fighting, and then decided to make the game so others could buy it, play it, enjoy it, and make the Koises and the Smiths hundredaires.

I honed the rules, tested it out, and hired one of my favorite cartoonists, Kevin Cannon, to design the cards. You can buy the game at the Game Crafter. If you have questions about Ace of Hates, drop me a line at aceofhatesgame@gmail.com.

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