screenshot_130Who invented Ace of Hates™?
Two couples: Dan Kois and Alia Smith, and Emilie Smith and Grahme Smith.

What ages can play Ace of Hates?
We’ve played it with kids as young as 5 who have really liked it! And adults seem to enjoy it as well. Pretty much anyone who likes learning more about their friends and family while sitting around a table.

How long does a game take?
Like 20 minutes maybe? Sometimes less. Basically the amount of time it takes to drink one beer (or one glass of milk, depending).

What are the rules for two players?
Instead of drawing three cards, you simply draw one card at a time. Players take turns being the Emoter. The guesser gets up to two tries to get within one step of the Emoter’s card and win it. If the first guess is not within one step of the card, the Emoter tells the guesser, “Lovier” or “Hatier.” If the guesser’s second guess is not within one step of the card, the card goes back into the middle of the deck. The first player to accumulate 6 cards wins.

EXAMPLE: Two players. The Emoter draws the King of Loves. She chooses and announces her Thing: “The movie Casablanca.” The other player guesses the 6 of Hates. After a sputter of rage and disbelief, the Emoter says, “More Love.” The other player guesses the 10 of Loves. With one last sorrowful look, the Emoter puts the card back into the middle of the deck. This moment remains a sore spot in their friendship for years.

I loved Kevin Cannon’s art on the cards! Is there someplace where I can view more of his work?
There sure is! There’s his website, where you can see other examples of his commercial work. But I’d particularly recommend his comics, Far ArdenCrater XV, and The Cartoon Introduction to Philosophy, which are extremely funny and enjoyable.

Is there some boilerplate language I can read that makes clear who owns the copyright and trademark in this game?
Oh, definitely. ACE OF HATES and the ACE OF HATES logo are trademarks of Dan Kois. © 2015 Dan Kois. All rights reserved.